Our mission is to make every meal an adventure!

Our vision is to put an Ollie Storybook in the hands of every child – to inspire children to love healthy foods, explore new tastes and enjoy eating together.

We’d love to hear from you! If you want to help us spread the word for Ollie’s good food revolution, contact us here.

The Team at Ollie HQ

Sheena Macrae

I loved writing Ollie: The Boy Who Became What He Ate. When we launched the storybook, kids really loved it and parents wanted more. That got the ball rolling. There was a demand for Ollie’s favourite recipes, cooking ideas and top tips from planting to play.

I continue to learn in my fact-finding, food mission and have been truly inspired. I’m writing new storybooks, the television series is in its second season and we continue to expand Ollie’s world.

As one of six kids, meals have always been a happy social time around the table with family and friends. That is expanding as we bring together a community of Ollie Club food adventurers.

Please join us in helping food and mealtimes be the heart of the family, a joyful place where every meal is an adventure!

Mickey Rogers

Mickey loved Ollie the minute she laid eyes on the books. Like Sheena she also comes from a family where the dinner conversation and fabulous food are fond memories.

She helped Ollie-POP from the pages of the storybook to your television screens around the world. As a parent, she loves how Ollie puts the fun into meal times and is a hero to adventuresome eaters everywhere.  

Tibor Miklos

Tibor has been part of our team since Ollie was only an idea! Then, Tibor has lovingly crafted the design for Ollie’s world. As a Design Director of Sheena’s company In The Picture, Ollie’s stories and worlds become a reality through Tibor’s creative design and direction.

At In The Picture he created our new brand identity and oversaw all film, print and digital output of the company. Tibor has a decade of experience and awards from top London, Berlin and Budapest agencies.

Tibor also is a RHS qualified horticulturist and garden designer – so lots of our amazing gardening advice is inspired by his passion. When he’s not tending and designing his garden he spends time with his wife and kids and plays various string instruments.

Celine Bell

Celine is a mum of two boys. One eats everything, and is adventurous with his food, just like Ollie. And the other needs more encouragement, but finds the idea of turning into a broccoli tree very appealing. As well as cooking, Celine and her family like scooting in the park, feeding the ducks and hunting for snails.

Celine is popular parenting blogger who has featured on Tatler, Huffington Post, The Sun, The Daily Mail and Tantrum.xyz, Celine tries to marry the chaos of life with kids with the fun and laughter that goes with it. She’s not always successful, and can sometimes be found hiding from the kids in the bathroom.