Superpower Food Day – A tasty family virtual event delivers beloved Food Superhero, ‘Ollie, The Boy Who Became What He Ate’ direct to family homes!

Funded by Telus Fund, the first ever Superpower Food Day launches December 5th. This free virtual event puts the fun back into food!

This event inspires kids to discover their very own “Food Superpowers” alongside CBC Kids’ animated TV food superhero, Ollie, The Boy Who Became What He Ate. This fully virtual, online event means that families won’t have to brave the cold this December to have fun, these free activities and live entertainment are delivered right into the warmth of their own home.

“We’ve secured the funniest family talent since sliced-bread at Superpower Food Day,” said Sheena Macrae, creator of Ollie Club and founder of Superpower Food Day. “This virtual, one-time event is free to join and has something for everyone – don’t miss it, your kids will never forgive you!”

Superpower Food Day’s boasts Canada’s most-loved social media influencers and entertainers, with sessions for the whole family – from family-friendly cooking classes, movement, crafts & music to get kids (and the grown-ups) laughing and dancing! Great for families with kids age 8 years and younger. This is an unmissable event!

Canada’s top family influencers and entertainers together for the first time – live Dec 5th only:

  • Fitness with @NoTummyMummy – Trisha Enriquez pre/post-natal fitness guru & mom!
  • Music with @TeenyTinys – Aria Zenua gets all the family singing and dancing!
  • Family Cooking with @JeanAndRachel – Also known as The Baker Sisters!
    • For this session you will need:
      • 8×8 pan
      • Bowls
      • Measuring cups and spoons
      • Parchment paper
      • Oven mitts
      • Spatula
      • 4 x Cups of puffed quinoa or rise cereal
      • 1 x Cup of semi sweet chocolate chips
      • 1/2 x Cup of coconut oil
      • 1 x Cup of nut / seed butter
  • Crafting with Kimberly McLeod of @BestIdeasForKids
    • For this session you will need:
      • A paper plate
      • Brown and red paint
      • Paper (Letter Size 11×17): white, yellow, green, purple, red.
      • A paintbrush
      • Scissors
      • Glue
  • Acting Improv with Josette Jorge – The real-life actress of Ollie’s animated TV series!
  • Live Storytime with Sheena Macrae
  • Camp Supernow’s SuperShow – Mad Libs style group songwriting and dance experience!

Bonus! A Pre-Event Week of ‘Ready-Made’ teacher classes to inspire kids! For Teachers, Educators and Homeschoolers – a full week of free learning resources!

December 2nd to December 4th, a week leading up to Superpower Food Day enjoy free healthy-themed teaching classes, culminating in a live learning event on Friday on Dec 4th! Free to register at If this sparks your interest, you can download and attend live Friday activities on the easy-to-use platform HOPIN with exclusive partners like SucSeed and live readings by author Sheena Macrae!

Teachers will receive SIX Classrooms in a Box:

  • Integrated Literacy – Visual Arts
    • Ms. Handley created a fun filled visual arts lesson where students can  read ‘Ollie The Boy Who He Ate’ about a 5-year old boy who gets foo-fueled superpowers when he eats healthy foods. After reading students will be able to use a variety of elements to create their own food fueled superhero!
  • Literacy – Story Sequencing
    • Ms. Madden created an engaging literacy lesson where students can read ‘Ollie The Boy Who He Ate’ about a 5-year old boy who gets food-fueled superpowers when he eats healthy foods. Students will learn about story sequencing and retelling events in order.
  • 3 Part Health Lesson Plan
    • Mrs. Haratsy has created a fun filled healthy eating lesson where  ‘Ollie The Boy Who He Ate’ about a 5-year old boy who gets food-fueled superpowers when he eats healthy foods. Students will learn how to explain why people need food to have healthy bodies and minds and will be able to describe how Canada’s Food guide can help them develop healthy eating habits. This lesson will also teach students how to know and recognize cues to hunger, thirst, and the feeling of fullness, and explain how they can use these cues to develop healthy eating habits.
  • Dramatic Arts with Ivy Speech Arts Academy
    • Join Josette and Fane for a sneak peak at the theatre games and activities they teach at their public speaking school. Their mission as educators is to help kids get out of their shells through drama, improv, and storytelling! Prepare for some silliness and lots of laughs!
  • Sustainability and Food Scarcity with SucSeed
    • SucSeed‘s lesson will teach students how to grow their own garden using the micro garden kit as well as introducing them to the concepts of ‘food scarcity’ and ‘buying local’.
  • Movement and Meditation
    • Come learn how to be long and strong like a carrot and join Carllye and her 7-year old daughter for a fun and uplifting movement and meditation session with a focus on mind body connection!

All classes are free to download with printables, made by and for Canadian teachers.

Author & Creator, Sheena Macrae is on a mission to give YOU Food Superpowers

“Superpower Food Day is about putting the fun back into food for families – my goal is to turn the kitchen into a classroom, help parents to become real food superheroes and inspire their kids with superpowers!” said Sheena Macrae, creator of Ollie Club and founder of Superpower Food Day. “Superpower Food Day is like a giant early Santa gift, delivered early right to your home. This 1-day virtual event has live sessions that will appeal and be accessible to all families! Happy Holidays!”

Superpower Food Day is the brainchild of Sheena Macrae, creator of the popular children’s brand Ollie Club Macrae and Canadian author behind best-selling children’s storybook Ollie: The Boy Who Became What He Ate, and creator of the children’s animated TV series of the same name, available now on the free CBC Gem streaming service.

Superpower Food Day is being funded by Telus Fund. The official charity partner is Breakfast Club of Canada. Fans can also expect to win exclusive prizes from partners and sponsors like SucSeed, Today’s Parent, LIVA Foods, Wonderkind, and Lemon Aide Natural Cleaning Products.

“All sessions are designed for kids and parents can do together, like Ollie-themed movement, family cooking, crafting sessions and mini-food themed documentaries like apple picking, and the chance to win prizes all day!” said Sheena Macrae, creator of Ollie Club and founder of Superpower Food Day. “My aim for Ollie is to inspire kids, so that kids can imagine, see and discover their own food superpowers.”

Superpower Food Day has something available for all family audiences and the best part is that it is FREE to participate. Make sure you register now through the link below!