To wrap up the holiday season – and the year!! – we’ve got one last guest blog from UK-based mom and Ollie Club friend Celine Bell!

GUEST BLOG: Happy New Year!
Healthy hacks for the year ahead

Both myself and Ollie HQ believe in messy fun and making every meal an adventure. But we are also realistic. We have certainly enjoyed ourselves this Christmas, so January is a great excuse to revitalize our habits and ensure we are active, healthy and setting a great example to our kids.

Remember – new habits should be positive. Don’t talk about what you are going to stop doing, and don’t label any foods as ‘bad’. Instead, think of all the new things you could try, do and start.

1. Family Activities Use your family calendar to mark every time you do an activity as a family. A gold star for every walk, bike ride or swimming trip. What month will get you most stars?

2. Wintery Soups January is a great time for hearty, warming soups. Kids enjoy the slurping sensation, and it’s a good way of getting veggies into them. If they aren’t keen, treat it as a hot dip, and let them experiment with dipping cheese fingers, bread sticks or celery into the warm soup. Ollie’s veggie soup is a perfect one to start with. Remember, even one sip is enough to start a taste adventure.

3. Cold-weather Fun Even in the coldest months, there are activities you can do as a family. Try bowling on a rainy Saturday, then come home and enjoy a (healthy!) pizza and movie night.

4. Indoor Picnics I love picnics, but they aren’t an option in January. Throw down a blanket and have an indoors picnic, allowing your kids to help decide what to serve. Hard boiled eggs, left over pizza from movie night, fajitas piled on a plate and crudités are all delicious finger foods for the family. Don’t worry about mess, just shake the blanket outdoors afterwards.

5. Healthy Resolutions Make healthy resolutions as a family. Maybe make sure little kids commit to washing their hands after the bathroom, try a new recipe a week (we have some ideas here!) drink milk or water instead of soda, and spend some time together each day without screens. By letting your kids come up with some ideas, they are more likely to stick to them. Get them to write a list out, add some coloring and stickers, and stick it to the refrigerator.

6. Limiting Screen Time Time without screens is a resolution we’ll certainly be taking up. We’ll replace it with games night, and cooking night. Getting kids involved in the kitchen means they understand where their food has come from, and inspires them to try new things.

7. Eco-friendly Less screen time means less electricity usage. My young kids are keen to be more eco-conscious, so we are recycling more, and using the car less.

8. New Adventures Learn something new! Try a new recipe. Learn how to sing a new song from start to finish. My niece wants to master a handstand – can’t wait to see her learn.


Thanks for all of the great tips throughout the season, Celine! Read more of her insightful parenting tips on her blog, Bell From Bow, and check her out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Whatever you do in 2019, have messy fun!

Sheena xx