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Get cracking on December 5th and join Ollie’s Egg Cracking Challenge presented by,
Conestoga Farms, Gray Ridge Egg Farms, Sparks Eggs, Golden Valley Eggs

Help us set a Kids World Record on Superpower Food Day! (ENTRY LINK BELOW)
We are going to attempt to set the record for the most kids to crack 1 egg, in 1 day! If the record is certified, everyone who takes part will receive a digital Kids World Records certificate to commemorate their participation!

How it works!
Step #1: Saturday December 5th, 12:00AM – 11:59PM EST, take a photo/video of your kids cracking their 1 egg.
Step #2: Register with Kids World Records (Link Below, Goes live at 12:01 am December 5)
Step #3: Upload your image & OLLIE POP! You’ve done it!
BONUS – All entrants have a chance to win prizes including Ollie storybooks, copies of the 2021 Kids World Records book and a $100 gift card from our friends at Conestoga Farms, Gray Ridge Egg Farms, Sparks Eggs, and Golden Valley Eggs… for a grocery store near you.

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Once your eggs are cracked, don’t forget to eat them. Ollie suggests these superpowered recipes the whole family will enjoy from our friends at Conestoga Farms