Ollie: The Boy Who Became What He Ate!

Parents, got a picky eater at home? Ollie and his healthy eating adventures are your new secret weapon!

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As seen on CBC and NBCUniversal Kids.

“I have two fussy eaters under five. They loved Ollie! They ate a whole plate of broccoli! I was stunned.”

– Will

Ollie is a boy who gets superpowers from his food!

Join Ollie as he wakes up to eat his breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner going on incredible food-fuelled, super-powered adventures.

Turn cooking time into a family adventure, with Ollie’s Recipe Book. Each recipe has shortcuts and ways to get kids involved – a proven way to encourage kids eating and trying new foods!

I really, really really really, realllllly liked it!!!

Ali — 4 years old

Buy the book $4.99


“My preschool boys LOVE Ollie. They come up with their own food superpowers! Hilarious!”

Tobias B. – Lewes

“This is what every parent wants for their fussy eater. It's changed the way we talk about food in our family. My kids have eaten all manner of green veggies in order to get superpowers from them! OlliePop! ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you!”

E&J Kelly – Richmond

“I feel like Ollie is part of our family. Ollie’s superpowers have been a fun way to get our fussy 4-year-old to try so many new food groups – genius!”

Adrienne Muir, Clapham

"If you've got a fussy eater, Ollie is for you!"

Jacqueline and Julie, Unsolicited Mums.

Buy the book $4.99