Ollie Storybook

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Join Ollie as he eats breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner – OLLIE-POPPING into different food super heroes. Tempt kids to find their own super food powers!

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Join Ollie as he wakes up to eat his breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Every meal he tries a new food and POP’s – he EGG-POP’S, BROCCO-POP’S and GRAPPO-POP’s his way through the day, going on incredible food-fuelled, super-powered adventures.

After reading the book, even the fussiest of eaters are known to try new foods like broccoli, avocado and fruits. Like Ollie, they want to discover their own food super-powers!

These beautiful illustrations invite you and your child into Ollie’s fun, food powered world.

I really, really really really, realllllly liked it!!!

Ali — 4 years old

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"I really, really really really, realllllly liked it!!!"

Ali – 4 years old

"If you've got a fussy eater, Ollie is for you!"

Jacqueline and Julie, Unsolicited Mums.

"I feel like Ollie is part of our family. Ollie’s superpowers have been a fun way to get our fussy 4-year-old to try so many new food groups – genius."

Adrienne Muir, Clapham

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