Mark your calendar – our team has been working hard to put together something very special for you! Ollie Club is proud to announce the first ever Superpower Food Day! Superpower Food Day is a digital event focused on inspiring healthy food “Superpowers” for children and families across Canada.

This is the first ever Superpower Food Day! You can participate in this FREE digital event by registering below and joining us on December 4 and 5 on HOPIN. Superpower Food Day is proudly supported by TELUS Fund, a certified independent production fund that finances content promoting the health and well-being of Canadians.

Superpower Food Day will take many the elements you have come to know and love from Ollie Club and bring them to life in a fun and interactive way! The event is jam-packed with programming for teachers & students (December 4) and parents & kids (December 5). Stay tuned for our session announcements over the next few weeks, including sessions featuring: 

  • Movement (Exercise)
  • Cooking
  • Creative Activities
  • Storytelling

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