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Who will you meet?

Kimberly McLeod is the creator of the popular kid’s craft and activity website, The Best Ideas for Kids® ( The Best Ideas for Kids® has a community of over 2 million followers.

Her work has been featured on many national media publications including CTV’s Your Morning show, That TVO kids show, and many more.

Join her for a food inspired craft that starts with P and ends with ZA! Also find her on Instagram and Facebook @TheBestIdeasForKids!

Trisha Enriquez is a Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness Specialist and owner of No Tummy Mommy. She has over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry!

Although she has had many jobs in her life, her most important job to date is being a mother. Trisha recently left her corporate gig to pursue her passion inspiring women all across the world to be happier and healthier mothers!

Check her out at @notummymommy on social or visit

Over the past 15+ years Aria has been a vocal performer and lead vocalist for weddings & corporate events around the world. She has also devoted her time as youth facilitator creating songwriting workshops that boost self-esteem with YWCA as well as uplifting content for Save The Children Canada and more recently with Classy.TV and Kidoodle TV.

Join Aria in an uplifting and fun musical class for the whole family! Dancing welcomed! Also, don’t forget to visit her website and be sure to follow her on Instagram @TheTeenyTinys.

Josette plays the voice of Ollie’s mom from the hit animated TV series on CBC Kids and is the co-founder and instructor at Ivy Speech Arts Academy in Toronto, Ontario.

Join Josette and her husband Fane for a sneak peak at the theatre games and activities they teach at their public speaking school.

Don’t forget to find Josette on social media @josettejorge on Instagram and Twitter and at Josette Jorge on Facebook.

Jean and Rachel, also known as The Baker Sisters from The Food Network Canada’s hit show of the same name started from humble beginnings; their single mother baked butter tarts out of their mobile home in Bayside as a way to earn money for the family.

It wasn’t till Jean and Rachel became mothers themselves, the pair cofounded Maple Key Tart Co., a boutique butter tart company operating in Toronto and Prince Edward County. They began with their mom’s recipe and infused it with their own flavour and style to come up with Maple Key Tart Co.’s award wining signature butter tart and have grown in to baking pros ever since! The pair have appeared on the Marilyn Denis Show, ET Canada and are launching their own YouTube channel in the new year.

Get ready for a delicious baking adventure! Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram @jeanandrachel!

Carllye Elder is a qualified meditation, Pilates and exercise instructor and enthusiast. Come learn how to be long and strong like a carrot and join Carllye and her 7-year old daughter for a fun and uplifting movement and meditation session with a focus on mind body connection! Also, be sure to visit her website at and find her on Instagram @ThriveWithCarllye or, @Transformation.Health.

SucSeed first sprouted from Enactus Memorial in Newfoundland, a solution-minded team dedicated to improving the standard of living at home and across the country. Working with expert agriculturists and engineers, they developed a small-scale hydroponic system — a soilless, nutrient-filled plant incubator — to help families and schools in over 130 communities across Canada grow their own fresh produce for just 30 cents a day. With partnerships like Superpower Food Day, SucSeed is branching outward: we’re educating youth, providing at-risk teens with work experience, and creating horticultural therapy programs for seniors.

Their of range growing systems can be purchased for classrooms and homes! A portion of all profits work toward eliminating food insecurity in Canada’s north.

SucSeed’s lesson will teach kids how to grow their own garden using the micro garden kit as well as introducing them to the concepts of ‘food scarcity’ and ‘buying local’. Don’t forget to visit them at and check them out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @SucseedCanada.

Camp Supernow is a live virtual program designed to fuel social development, emotional growth, and creativity during distance learning. Kids are brought together in small counselor-led playdates for adventures, games, crafts and conversations. Plus, campers are invited to join our entire community to play, create, and move at our daily interactive Super Shows – from classes and workshops in wellness, creativity, music, performing arts, and virtual field trips.

Join Camp Supernow for a Mad Libs style group songwriting and dance experience! In this fun and musical activity, kids will work together to collectively rewrite a popular song and make it their own based on the superpowers of the foods that Ollie eats! After the song is complete, kids will use their creative superpowers to choreograph unique dance moves for each of the lyrics to be showcased for their final Musical Mad Libs performance!

Find more information about Camp Supernow by visiting their website and check them out on Instagram, Facebook @CampSuperNow.

Sheena Macrae is the author and creator of the hit storybook ‘Ollie, The Boy Who Became What He Ate’.

Sheena is also the CEO of Ollie’s Edible Adventures Ltd, Creator and Executive Producer of the animated TV series ‘Ollie, The Boy Who Became What He Ate’ in season two with 52 episodes x 11 minutes, airing on CBC and CBC Kids (Canada), NBC Universal (USA) and Discovery (MENA), and Amazon Prime (USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand), and sold in China and Russia.

Sheena developed the original Educational Kit including Storybook, Parent & Child Book, Teacher Book, Cookbook with digital and video resources. The educational series worked extensively with academics and charities to ensure all content aligned to current research and best practices around healthy eating and active play for children and families. She has worked with academic partners in the UK, including Goldsmith College University of London, University College London, and the Children’s Food Trust.

Join Sheena for an interactive adventurous LIVE story time featuring Ollie’s adventures and his famous Ollie Pop!

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