There are so many exciting things happening here at Ollie Club. Our team has been working around the clock to create a virtual environment that is memorable, educational, and fun for the whole family. That’s why we created Superpower Food Day which happens December 5th

Superpower Food Day is the brainchild of Sheena Macrae and is being funded by Telus Fund. The event boasts Canada’s most-loved social media influencers and entertainers, with sessions for the whole family – from family-friendly cooking classes, movement, crafts & music to get kids (and the grown-ups) laughing and dancing! Great for families with kids age 8 years and younger. To see what sessions you can attend CLICK HERE.

Plus, starting on December 2nd to December 4th, teachers can enjoy free healthy-themed teaching classes, culminating in a live learning event on Friday on December 4th! Participants can download and attend live Friday activities on the easy-to-use platform HOPIN with exclusive partners like SucSeed and live readings by author Sheena Macrae! To see what sessions are available for teachers CLICK HERE.

With all this excitement we wanted to share an opportunity that allows you to continue empowering food ‘superpowers’ in other local communities. We are offering an exclusive offer for Superpower Food Day which includes:

  • Access to all Superpower Food Day Sessions available on Saturday, December 5th via HOPIN
  • 1 x Copy of the hit storybook called: Ollie, The Boy Who Became What He Ate
  • 2 x Healthy meals donated to a family in need over the holidays
  • Total Price = $25 + HST

If you are interested, you are able to purchase this package through the button below!